I got . org because .com and .net were taken, you need not be an organization to buy .org
I like inventing puzzles, Dscript is just my favourite so far
It keeps my mind occupied and entertained with as little as a stick and dirt
This is an artist portfolio
Perhaps you could call it an "artistic organization of thoughts"
I call myself a Technology Artist
My "medium" is everything (Pen & Paper,Light & Sound,Smoke & Mirrors,Circuits & Chips,Chemistry & Physics,Computers & Code.... anything I can find!)
My "works" are functional(KEYWORD) concepts and prototypes(The tech itself is the art, not the design or aesthetics).
*I stay WAY far away from "the line", never anything explosive, no projectiles, no weapons, no security hacking, etc..
I am available for hire, I do of course need to make a living and support my art
I can often help for free, but custom projects will need to be dealt with just as any freelancer
I am also open to collaboration, my stuff is usually just one piece of a larger puzzle
Let's build some crazy shit!
LinkedIN http://www.linkedin.com/in/deblock
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Technology Art
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